Hearing about all of the different CBD oils out there and how many were not really the quality they said they were. I had heard about Vitality and everything I had heard was positive. We received our first order of CBD oil, and for the first three days I didn’t notice anything. I was doing droppers full of the oil. I contacted my friend who had told me about how great the product was and told her it didn’t work. She told me to change the way I took it, from doing an almost full dropper, to micro dosing 3-5 drops every approx 4 hours. The difference was remarkable. I went from taking 9-12 Extra Strength Tylenol a day, to taking no Tylenol at all. As someone who has advanced arthritis due to open heart surgery in 2010, I was amazed that the reduction in my pain was so great. I find micro dosing with the 500 works best for me.

Don Richter
Pure CBD Isolate Tincture

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