Vitality CBD Complete


Vitality CBD Complete Spectrum sublingual tincture with BioPrime nano-cbd technology for maximum efficacy and effect.

All Vitality sublingual CBD tinctures are bio-enhanced with our proprietary blend of natural hemp derived monoterpenoids, triterpenes and flavonoids for complete and consistent endogenous cannabinoid signaling or “entourage effect” at CB2 receptor level.

Vitality CBD Complete Spectrum CBD sublingual tinctures are available formulated in Vitality’s proprietary, organically refined, organic non GMO hemp carrier oil (clear) for complete plant profile CBD supplementation. In addition ALL Vitality CBD oil products come fortified with BioPrime CBD nano technology ensuring unparalleled product efficacy.

Vitality recommends choosing “Mint” as the flavor option for those with taste sensitivity to natural organic flavor tones when purchasing Complete Spectrum CBD Oil.

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1500mg, 3000mg, 5000mg


Original, Mint

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