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CBD North vs. Vitality CBD


CBD North Tincture

Vitality CBD Tincture

CBD Type

Full Spectrum | Isolate

Nano-CBD Isolate

Carrier Oil


Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Concentrations Available

500 | 1000 | 2000mg

1500 | 3000 | 6000mg

Cost per mg of CBD

5 – 13 cents

1 – 2 cents

Product Consistency



Bioavailability (Nano)

Low (No)

High (Yes)

Flavour Options



Shelf Life



Targeted Terpene Profiles 



Additional Cannabinoids

 Trace THC; marginal CBN, CBG, CBDV, THCV 

(Full Spectrum Tinctures)

Balanced Ratios CBD:CBN:CBG 

(V3 Tinctures)

CBD North vs Vitality CBD: A Comprehensive Comparison

CBD North Canada Hemp

In the world of CBD products, CBD North and Vitality CBD are two reputable brands that offer a diverse selection of options to cater to the needs of CBD enthusiasts. Let’s delve into a detailed comparison of CBD North and Vitality CBD across various categories.

CBD Type – CBD North offers traditionally formulated tinctures with either Full Spectrum CBD or Isolate CBD, providing customers with the choice between a range of raw extracted cannabinoids or pure CBD. On the other hand, Vitality CBD specializes in bio-enhanced Nano-CBD Isolate, which ensures enhanced bioavailability and targeted effects.

Carrier Oil – CBD North utilizes MCT oil as the carrier for their CBD tinctures, while Vitality CBD opts for organic hemp seed oil. Both carrier oils have their advantages. MCT oil offers fast absorption but can cause digestive issues for some people. Hemp seed oil provides synergistic effects and offers additional nutritional benefits.

Concentrations Available – CBD North offers tinctures in concentrations of 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg, allowing customers to select the strength that aligns with their desired CBD dosage. Vitality CBD provides a broader range of concentrations, including 1500mg, 3000mg, and 6000mg, catering to those seeking higher potency options.

Cost per mg of CBD – When it comes to affordability, Vitality CBD stands out with a cost per milligram of CBD ranging from 1 to 2 cents, making their products highly cost-effective. CBD North, while still reasonably priced, falls within the range of 5 to 13 cents per milligram of CBD.

Product Consistency – CBD North’s product consistency may vary due to the inclusion of raw extract Full Spectrum options which are subject to crop and farming variations. Vitality CBD, on the other hand, ensures 100% consistency across its product range, providing customers with guaranteed purity and a reliable, consistent CBD experience.

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Bioavailability (Nano CBD) – CBD North’s products do not feature nano-CBD technology, resulting in relatively low bioavailability. In contrast, Vitality CBD’s nano-CBD isolate formulation significantly enhances bioavailability, allowing for better absorption (5-10 times greater) and more pronounced effects.

Flavor Options – CBD North focuses primarily on the natural taste of CBD, offering products without additional flavouring. In contrast, Vitality CBD provides customers with original and mint flavour options, making their tinctures more enjoyable for those who prefer flavoured CBD products.

Shelf Life – CBD North’s products have an average shelf life, ensuring their potency and quality over a reasonable period. Vitality CBD, however, offers an extended shelf life, providing customers with longer-lasting products.

Targeted Terpene Profiles – While CBD North does not feature targeted terpene profiles, Vitality CBD offers tinctures with carefully selected terpenes to provide specific effects (sleep, pain relief, focus, immune boosting and cancer support) and enhanced synergistic benefits. This allows customers to choose tinctures that align with their desired outcomes.

Additional Cannabinoids – CBD North’s Full Spectrum tinctures contain trace amounts of THC, along with marginal levels of CBN, CBG, CBDV, and THCV. Their Isolate tinctures contain only CBD and their sleep tincture contains CBD, CBN and melatonin. Vitality CBD’s V3 tinctures feature a balanced ratio of CBD, CBN, and CBG, harnessing the potential benefits of multiple cannabinoids to provide a comprehensive CBD experience.

Pet CBD Products – CBD North offers their Isolate tincture for pets in salmon flavor as well as treats. Vitality CBD offers their Nano-CBD Complete and Targeted Formulations for pets (Original and V3 formulas) in bacon flavor. Vitality CBD does not offer edibles due to the decrease in efficacy of CBD when passing through the digestive processes.

Topical CBD – CBD North offers a CBD cream in regular and extra strength with Rosehip, Jojoba and Calendula as well as a CBD/Menthol pain roller stick. Vitality CBD offers their patent-pending SeaCream™ salve with deeply penetrating Nano-CBD, anti-inflammatory plant extracts, soothing butters and healing sea minerals.

In conclusion, both CBD North and Vitality CBD offer compelling CBD products with their unique characteristics. CBD North provides choices between Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD, while Vitality CBD specializes in Nano-CBD Isolate. The selection of carrier oils, concentrations, and flavour options also differ between the two brands. Both companies also offer tinctures for pets and topical CBD solutions. Consider your preferences and requirements when choosing between these reputable CBD brands to find the perfect fit for your CBD journey.

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