Canada’s Best CBD Guaranteed!

Let’s face it, finding premium quality CBD products in Canada that work can be a daunting task at the best of times…

At Vitality CBD we have been pioneering premium CBD enhanced personal health products since 2015 and fully understand the complete science behind  the amazing healing powers of combining cannabinoids with mono / tri terpenes, flavonoids and other organic isolates to create the most consistent, bioavailable and efficacious products in the world.

The bottom line is Vitality CBD products work and we guarantee it! The Vitality CBD ” Best CBD Canada ” money back guarantee is not only the best in the business, it’s the simplest too.

How Does The Guarantee Work?

Try any Vitality CBD product for 30 days according to your personalized requirement using our comprehensive CBD dosing calculator and we guarantee you will notice results . If, after 15 days, you are not noticing results we request that you please use the form below to contact us for personalized product support allowing our team of seasoned professionals to guide you through your personalized CBD regimen ensuring it is best suited to your goals.

After any dosing adjustments have been addressed continue using the product for another 15 days as directed. If, at this time, you have stilled not experienced any result please reach out to our customer care team using the contact form below to initiate the return process. 

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