The Most Lucrative CBD Affiliate Program in Canada

Earn a whopping 35% on ALL sales from both new and repeat customers on the best-priced, most efficacious CBD in Canada!

At Vitality CBD we believe in generous compensation for passionate promoters. That’s why we don’t hold back on your ability to earn a passive income through your promotional channels. Most affiliate programs reward highest for new customers only, but we reward the highest in Canada – 35% LIFETIME commissions – for ALL sales, new and repeat!

Our built-in digital wallet customer rewards program of 25% on all purchases, makes it even more enticing for your customers to buy.

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?


Anyone can apply for the Vitality CBD Affiliate Program on our application form here. Once you are approved you will have access to your Affiliate Dashboard where you can find your unique affiliate link, custom slugs, landing pages, detailed reporting and more. Plus, enjoy live, on-site, customer service support.

Cookies are stored for 90 days on the browser that an affiliate’s link was clicked in. If a customer clicks on a different affiliate link the referral remains with the original link clicked regardless of cookies. 

Note: The Vitality Affiliate Program can not be combined with other Vitality programs such as our Dropship or Referral Programs. 

How Does Commission Work?


Affiliates earn 35% commission on the net sale total of ALL orders placed through their affiliate link. For example, if a customer orders a tincture for $80, they will receive a Vitality Wallet credit of 25%, and their net sale total becomes $60. The referring affiliate will earn 35% of $60 which amounts to $21.

Once an order from a customer has been completed, commission is reflected to the affiliate’s account. Customers become linked to the affiliate account for life and subsequent orders automatically generate an additional 35% commission in the same way.

Commission payouts occur on the 15th of each month. Payments are made automatically via e-Transfer or PayPal. Please ensure your payout information is updated at all times.

Note: Orders on your own account are not eligible for commissions.


Introducing The Vitality 25% Cash Back Wallet

Not only does Vitality CBD proudly offer Canada’s best CBD oil products at direct to consumer prices, we also reward Vitality CBD registered customers with an additional 25% store credit on every purchase made.

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